Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Special Place

This is a writing about my special we had to write what our special place is. my special place is the Havelock pools  I like it because its a pool that is really cheap at the price of $3 for one day.

My Special Place by Isaiah
    1. Heat
    2. Fog/Smoke.
    3. What I feel.
    4. What I hear.

I see heat rising up above me like an underground waterfall with me in side.I can hardly see anything because the heat and chlorine make fog appear so you can’t see nothing not even your hands. It looks like when it is cold and breath really hard And it looks like smoke is going out of my mouth smoothly going through the air like a airplane.

I taste fog/smoke going into my mouth. It tasted like I was smoking a cigarette and it was burning my lungs like someone was stabbing me in the throat
Over and over and over again until I fall over and pass out like a skunk
Pretending to be died.

I feel small little tengle flowing across my feet as well as tiny little twinkle going across smoothly. Like little fishes when they bite all your bad skin of your body to make your skin fresh again. When i put my feet in the water it feel like when you put your foot in a river and the river is going one way and it goes all up our legs.

I hear little girls screaming at the temperature of the pool like little baby lambs screaming for there life after geting chased by old man farmers trying to move
all the sheep together in one whole paddocks. The little girls scream was so loud

That I can’t even hear my mum talking right next to me.