Monday, November 21, 2016

P.E Blog Post

Hello again this time I am going to be talking about what I am doing in my P.E
So in P.E we are doing Running, Skipping and Throwing. In running we have a line that we start
at and when Mrs Love calls out Ready you walk up to the line and when Mrs Love says
Set it means get ready and then she says GO we have to sprint. Skipping is when we have a Skipping Rope are pulled so the walker get to jump over it. In Throwing we have 5 lines with 6 people in each
line. we get to throw the ball and the furthest throw gets to mark and is their high score Thank you for reading what we did at P.E.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Maths Task 2016

In stage 5 we have been learning how to subtract numbers easier.
I have been working how to do my times tables and tables master.
I am blogging this because it is my favorite subject in school
I am proud of this because I had so much fun doing this task

Here is an example:

5x0=0                      Here is a link to practice your times tables it you want.


Art blog post

This is my WWE art it is a WWE ring with WWE on the side and raw the is a type of event.
I am blogging this because I loved making WWE related things.
I am blogging this because it is my favorite art so far.
  I am proud of this because I tried my hardest.
What I did for my WWE art was I use the lines off google drawings to make the rope on the ring. I make the post by going into shapes and clicking into circle and make it long so it looks like the WWE posts. 

Narrative 2016

Welcome back to my blog this time I am sharing my narrative please continue.

I am blogging this because I had fun make my plan.
I am proud of this because I tried my best.

In my story I included punctuation, COP and I hooked the reader.

                                            The Hole Of Fear

One day Jack and his mum went to Te Mata Peak for a hour walk Jack thou'rt it would be a good idea to scary his mum so he looked at the ground and saw that there was a big hole in the ground and a yellow dusty fence was on top of the when he hooped in BOOM!! Jack went falling to an underground prison and the prisoners wanted Jack to help him to escape but Jack said NO so the monsters trap Jack in a corner. Picked him up and threw him into a cave.that had spiders running on the ceiling with ants on there  back.Jack was so terrified and cold it felt like a ice storm.   

The next day a huge monster called Jeff Had so much confidence to take out his soul and control him for his crib to escape. Jack's mum missed Jack so much she need to go find him so she did. he went looking past the ground because she new that he would be finding from her. The hours went pasts but she found nothing.There was just one thing that clutched her eye. It was shiny so her slowly approached it because the sun was reflecting into her eyes when she finally
Got there she picked it up and she remembered that it was his necklines she
thought that he got kidnapped she saw footsteps and followed it until she found
The hole.

Miss Faulkner saw the hole and throat that he is definitely down there so she hopped
In just like Mario she looked and around and said WHERE IS HE!!! She fell to her knees and started to cry as soon she stared Jack yelled out MUM and she yelled
Out Jack. Jack says they've got me. Miss Faulkner said wait I am coming she run into the
Cave grub Jack before the monster pulled out Jacks soul. Her pit Jack on her shoulder run up the hole because there was a ladder there for when to climb up
Whey had to put the fence back on top because the monster where following
Them as soon they go out they had a long hug are carried on in there lives and forget all about it.
                                                    The End
                                                    By Isaiah
Thank You For Reading