Friday, August 12, 2016

Minecraft story mode

                                                     What I did in the holidays

So I found a game that was viral on YouTube  and it is called minecraft story mode. Its like a game where you have to pick a piece of writing and your character will say it. But you have to fight with your keys on your computer. Sometimes  you will click Q  or  E to fight. You press your mouse 
         to move your character around.
You get to choose a character.

 It    will be a girl or boy. You will get a pet that is called Reuben. Reuben  is  little.
                  He a specia; pig but its a sad story because he dies and gets a black eye
                     from getting beat up by zombies and falling of  a wither storm.
                        A wither storm is a wither with a command  block in
                           the middle, that lets you command the wither storm.
                               When you have made it,  it will came up with
                                  3 separate withers that suck up more blocks.

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stem and leaf

 I am proud of this because I did not understand they but now I know how to do it.
 I was learning how to make a stem and leaf graph.

 I learnt how to understand what it means

Here is an example:


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fencing Notes

Here is a little facts about fencing in the Olympics

Swordplay has been practised for thousands of year and modem day fencing began as a form of military training.


This is my fencing notes for my project. I am learning about fencing for the Olympics.