Monday, June 20, 2016


I was learning how to do area

I am proud of this because I got stuck in the leaning pit

I learnt area

Here is an example:

Untitled drawing (6).png

Reading task

I was leaning how to write a letter
I am proud of this because I loved doing it

Giraffes week 5 task:

Read the rest of the story to yourself.

  1. Write down what you think the main idea is in the last paragraph on page 32.
I think that she walked into a room full of unusual pets and got a stiff kit  for the smallest pet

  1. Write a letter to Mr. G explaining why you think that we should have a pet day here
at Parkvale.

Dear Mr G

Can we please have a pet day because it will be great for the little ones to see an animal. If it happened in the forcher i would  bring my dog call tino. Another good reason that i have is because some kid like a good competition and we can do a stranger's pets competition and the smallest pet competition so hopefully we made you change your mind about pet day.

Your letter must include…

  • What pet you would bring if you had a pet day
  • 2 good reasons Parkvale should have a pet day.