Wednesday, May 25, 2016

m=Math workshop

I am blogging this because this is my favorite workshop in 2016. I am proud of this because I learnt perimeter really well

Workshop are when I do not know what it is or how to do it, so I go to it and learn how to do it.

Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to do perimeter

Here is an example:  Untitled drawing (4).png

My favorite poem

I am sharing this with you because I loved making it sound like I have a cool life.

I was learning how to remember about my life and structure a poem well.

Kind,  game lover, helper
Brother of Kaleb, and Cayli
Son of Cilla, and Sundy
Lover of  WWE, basketball, mum
Who fears spiders, bees, mum when she is angry
Who needs wifi, school, work
Who wishes for more friends, money, and stay alive forever
Who would like to see a WWE match
Who gives hugs to my mum, money to the homeless,
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand