Monday, September 21, 2015

post 8 my cool TV show

This is my pic of my favorite TV show. This episode is about when Jake and Finns body's get frozen  because the ice king frozen them so than can not move. The ice king tries to dress up as Finn the human. Finn look's like this and the ice king looker's like this.  
Crops in this episode is the butterflies. This is all of the cartoon characters in adventure time

I am proud of my blog post because I described my blog post so that you know everything.
My favorite character is Lumpy Space Princess. Lumpy Space princess is a young lumpy girl in a magic kingdom with all of the lumpy  people here is a little peck  of  Lumpy space princess kingdom 

She lives in this House with Lumpy space kingdom around them. Finn and Jake call  Lumpy Space princess LSP because  the name Lumpy Space princess is to long. LSP's mum and dad are connected  together  I do not know why than are connected I think than are brown like that.