Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I am blogging this because I am proud of it
I am learning about making a skriped 

Problem(Event) Broken sign

Setting : garden

Mood: scared

Characters: Jamie Mum and Reader  

Reader: Jamie woke up. She looked outside the window and she saw a
new sign lying on the footstep. It was the sign that her mum brought. She run out side but as soon as she went outside she ran back in the house and   got a jersey . She finally got her hands on the sign. She said

  Jamie :“I wonder where I am going to put this”  

Reader: “ So he went to the garden and put the sin that said welcome to my garden  on the tap  on the side of the hose but when jamie put it on the string brock . It dropped  in the hole under the house . She run back inside and battened it did not happen. 2 minutes later.

Mum: “Hey Jamie, do you know where my new sign is?”

Jamie: “ Oooommmm  no

Reader  Jamie run to her room but Mum was on to her.
Jamie : Oh Mum no! I  am going to be in so much trouble  

Knock knock the door swung open .
Jamie : It was not me. I did nothing. It was the cat next door . The Miller family.

Mum : Ok but I ask them and they say “no”, you are in trouble..  

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