Thursday, August 27, 2015

I am learning about Jonny 4Higher 

I am blogging this because I got it do on time
WALT locate and summarise ideas


I’m a full-time freelance mural artist with fourteen years professional experience, originally               from Christchurch, based in Auckland, with an artistic interest in the broader cultural spectrum of the Pacific.
I’ve created commissioned art for Telecom, Vodafone, Auckland Airport, Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, L&P, 42 Below, Malibu, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Bell Tea, NZ Fashion Week, Canterbury of NZ, the Vodafone Warriors, Cadbury, Tip-Top, Wrigleys, V, Hell Pizza, California Burrito Company, The Radio Network, MAC Cosmetics, Smokefree, Westfield, The Dowse Museum, Southland Museum, Newmarket Business Association, Auckland Council, Christchurch City Council, Rotorua District Council, University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, OnTrack, Kidicorp, The NZ Aids Foundation, Amnesty International, Spookers, Crossfit gyms, Club Physical, and countless other companies, groups and individuals.
My murals have appeared from Invercargill to Kaitaia, as well as Hong Kong, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Hawaii, Miami and California.
As a tutor, I have conducted graffiti art workshops in Christchurch, Auckland, Kaipara, New Plymouth, Manaia, Patea, Levin, Rotorua, and Wairoa; with arts and community trusts, youth detention centres, at Christchurch Polytechnic, Corban’s Art Estate, primary schools, and at high schools including St Kentigern and Dilworth College.
I am also a member of the NZ-based globally renowned artist collective TMD crew, 2 x winners of the international Write4Gold graffiti art competition. My personal interests include travel, family and healthy living.
From Jonny 4Higher website
WALT Locate and Summarise Ideas

  1. Select 5 key words from this article: companies  Hell Pizza murals,Vodafone Warriors, New Zealand, artist , graffiti

Success criteria: key words sum up the meaning. They are often nouns (but not always)

  1. Explain why you chose to learn about Jonny 4Higher in three or four sentences. What made you interested in him? :   I chose to learning about Jonny 4Higher because the first time I  research him I was really increased in that he make murals and graffiti. And I was increased that gets  paid for make designs for kumpnes. I front that people that do graffiti will get in trouble for doing it.         

  1. Vocabulary: for these words, share a meaning in your own words and find a dictionary meaning

My Meaning
Dictionary Meaning
Art is you draw a pic with pant
human skill
Graffiti is the same as art but you used spray paint   
writing or drawings
mural is type of painting
a painting on a wall  

  1. Find one mural that you like on Jonny 4Higher’s website. Insert it into this document.
  2. Write five adjectives which describe this artwork.

Gym interior mural

1: colorful
2: warriors
3: by himself
4: bright

5: rugby  league

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jamie Curry Reading Task
I am proud of this because I got it done in time
I am blogging this because I love finding information.

Task 1
Read through the two articles we have read so far. Make sure you have highlighted any key points of new learning.
Finish writing your notes onto the Report Organiser.
Take a picture of your report organiser and paste it below.


Task 2- Click on the star and write a fact about Jamie Curry inside.

I am blogging this because I am proud of it
I am learning about making a skriped 

Problem(Event) Broken sign

Setting : garden

Mood: scared

Characters: Jamie Mum and Reader  

Reader: Jamie woke up. She looked outside the window and she saw a
new sign lying on the footstep. It was the sign that her mum brought. She run out side but as soon as she went outside she ran back in the house and   got a jersey . She finally got her hands on the sign. She said

  Jamie :“I wonder where I am going to put this”  

Reader: “ So he went to the garden and put the sin that said welcome to my garden  on the tap  on the side of the hose but when jamie put it on the string brock . It dropped  in the hole under the house . She run back inside and battened it did not happen. 2 minutes later.

Mum: “Hey Jamie, do you know where my new sign is?”

Jamie: “ Oooommmm  no

Reader  Jamie run to her room but Mum was on to her.
Jamie : Oh Mum no! I  am going to be in so much trouble  

Knock knock the door swung open .
Jamie : It was not me. I did nothing. It was the cat next door . The Miller family.

Mum : Ok but I ask them and they say “no”, you are in trouble..