Friday, May 8, 2015

Welcome to Isaiah Master Chef House with fresh  and good food drinks   Google Search.png
main menu
hot spicy sores $ 2,00
soft creamy ice cream $3.20c
smove creamy apple smovey $ 6.00
hot cheesy pizza $5.50c
raspberry cake with sprinkles flack on top 10.00   
cold mango drink $1.00
moued cheesy macaroni $10.00
loly slices with grape flavor
ice cream sundae with mulled chocolate  $2.50c
hot mulled taco $5.00
chocolate sticks mulled chocolate sore $3.00    
hot chocolate $2.00
green litts  $4.00  
chocolate cookies
chocolate cookies $1.00 each
hot cross buns $2.00  
caramel chocolate $ 4.00  
sourberry  smoy  $ 2.00
ham sandwich $ 2.50c
kasted cake $10.00
coconut drink $1.50c

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

to mr g

Isaiah Craig
Parkvale school
Howard street
Mr Gifkins
Parkvale school
Howard street

23 April 2015

Dear Mr Gifkins
I am  writing you a letter about bubblegum . are we allowed to break the rule  to do experiment on this yummy amazing flavored gum. If we have gum in are moulf  we won't fidy with anything in classroom  .
If we have babelgum the whole school will be happy because  love to blow bubbles .

Friday, May 1, 2015

i wish my teacher knew

Last week my teacher told me to write  about some thing that my teacher doesn't know. This is what I wrote

I wish my teacher knew that I can sleep walk into my
bed because I am scared  at night .