Friday, November 17, 2017

Safe Cycling

    Here is my photo of our road that we made. 

At class we are learning to ride our bikes on the road properly and we made a mode of the road out of tape with some toy cars. me and my group made a intersection.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Here is my cicada report.

Choose your level of challenge.

Criteria - “What’s Good”

* All writing must be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 1-2 paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include a few keywords/topic words
* All writing must be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 3+ paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include some keywords/topic words
* All writing must be done 1st. The photos, pics, diagrams etc are done after when you choose how to present your report.

  • 4 + paragraphs
  • Put it in your own words
  • Include keywords/topic words


I use text structures to organise my writing effectively for its purpose.

My Goals (x3) are:  (insert link PV Kidspeak Writing Progressions)

I write some complex sentences.

I choose words and phrases appropriate to the topic and purpose.

I attempt to use some complex punctuation.   ‘ , ; :   ( )


Introduction - what they are
What they do

What they are  
A cicada is an insect that is a camouflage colour like a brown and dark green combined into one colour. Some cicadas have green,grey or camo colours. It looks like a bigger vision of a fly. The cicadas lives underground for 17 year and after 17 years they come out. Cicadas were first found in North America.  Cicadas have 4 wings two on each side. Cicadas can grow up to 1-2 centimetres in their lifetime. Cicadas are part of a species called Magicicada.  

Cicadas are found in some countries in the world such as               New Zealand,North America,Australia,India,Japan and a lot more countries. Cicadas live underground because once a root is found.  The cicadas will stay near it, tunneling and feeding on the roots. After 2-17 year they will emerge to the ground as a nymph, then they will find the nearest tree and shed their their Nymph exoskeleton.

What they do
Cicadas don't eat anything they drink they find there food in a maple tree its called a xylem.
Image result for why do cicada killers kill cicadas

Lots of different animals/creatures such as Eastern cicada killer eat cicadas because that just what they eat. Cicadas are also important to trees because they help make the soil healthy.  Cicadas are also a very noisy insect. They make this noise by using their tymbal Muscles tug at it rapidly to create sound vibrations. Magicicada septendecim tymbaltymbal animation.
Male cicadas make this noise to attract other female cicadas that their around. If the females  hear it they will snap their wings that mean for the male cicadas to come closer.

The Cicada’s life cycle is very interesting. First,there egg will hatch underground . Next they will find a root underground and feed of that and start tuning underground for 2-17 year .  Then after 2-17 year they will emirge from the ground as a nymphs . Finally they will go to the nearest tree a shed their nymph skin. And then they will make a sound to attract females and then the females will respond and then they will mate and lays eggs.


camouflage/kirihuna -  a way of covering itself with leaves and branches so that it blends in

Exoskeleton - wears it skeleton on the outside of its body

species/tarakihi - a group of animals/plants that are similar

xylem/tariwai - plant tissue

Emerge/maea - come out of

This is my model of a cicada that I made  

The learning muscle that I use to create it was my persevering muscle by not rushing. 

The thing I am most proud of is starting my art late and finishing it first. 
  How I made my model:

How I made it is I got some newspaper and scratched it up into a ball and then taped it in to place. Next I put papermache over the tape and then waited for it to dry. Then I painted over the papermache green and black and then waited for it to dry as I was waiting I started to make the legs I used pipe cleaners. I cut them down to about the same size next i painted them black and taped them on to my model.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Special Place

This is a writing about my special we had to write what our special place is. my special place is the Havelock pools  I like it because its a pool that is really cheap at the price of $3 for one day.

My Special Place by Isaiah
    1. Heat
    2. Fog/Smoke.
    3. What I feel.
    4. What I hear.

I see heat rising up above me like an underground waterfall with me in side.I can hardly see anything because the heat and chlorine make fog appear so you can’t see nothing not even your hands. It looks like when it is cold and breath really hard And it looks like smoke is going out of my mouth smoothly going through the air like a airplane.

I taste fog/smoke going into my mouth. It tasted like I was smoking a cigarette and it was burning my lungs like someone was stabbing me in the throat
Over and over and over again until I fall over and pass out like a skunk
Pretending to be died.

I feel small little tengle flowing across my feet as well as tiny little twinkle going across smoothly. Like little fishes when they bite all your bad skin of your body to make your skin fresh again. When i put my feet in the water it feel like when you put your foot in a river and the river is going one way and it goes all up our legs.

I hear little girls screaming at the temperature of the pool like little baby lambs screaming for there life after geting chased by old man farmers trying to move
all the sheep together in one whole paddocks. The little girls scream was so loud

That I can’t even hear my mum talking right next to me.

Monday, February 20, 2017

visual art

There is my visual art reflection we had to write how we made our visual art what on the second slide

thank for watching GOOD BYE!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

first blog post of 2017

                                 Welcome Back To My Blog

I am going to write 5 Facts about me 
 1. I have never touched snow because I am scared that I will get a frostbite
 2. My favorite subjects in school are art and reading.
 3. I love to run and go swimming. My favorite swimming style is freestyle.
 4. I use sharpie in every art that I do.
 5. I love making arts craft and drawing  3D WWE superstar . 
Thanks for reading my facts about